Highway Defects / Road Hazards

highway defects

Everyone drives or rides on our roads and highways, and everyone assumes that those roads and highways are safe. But experience shows that the design, construction and maintenance of many Louisiana highways has been substandard for decades. In case after case, it is found that the responsible governmental entity has violated national standards, or even its own standards, in planning, building or maintaining the roads. And those kinds of failures can make car crashes in Louisiana more likely, and much more severe.

The Baton Rouge, Louisiana roadway defect attorneys at Dué Guidry Piedrahita Andrews L.C. have decades of experience in representing the victims of substandard roads and highways. The road hazard cases we have handled have set precedents relied upon by countless Louisiana courts in deciding Louisiana highway defect cases. We have obtained many significant multi-million dollar recoveries (including one in excess of $12,000,000) on behalf of clients seriously injured in car crashes caused by defective signing, improper curvature design and construction, improper shoulder and roadside maintenance, improper drainage, and other defects. These Louisiana highway defect problems have resulted in injuries including brain damage, quadriplegia, paraplegia, serious orthopedic injuries, and death.

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