Offshore Accidents

offshore accidents

Anything that happens on or near any body of navigable water may well call forth the admiralty jurisdiction of the courts and the application of the national maritime law. Any lawyer who practices in an ocean, river, lake, or port city is likely to run into admiralty problems. The Baton Rouge, Louisiana offshore accident attorneys at Dué Guidry Piedrahita Andrews Courrege L.C. are no strangers to admiralty and maritime negligence and unseaworthiness claims, and understand the extension of admiralty law to other types of claims.

Our experienced Baton Rouge, Louisiana offshore injury attorneys have handled maritime cases not only in Louisiana, but in California, Texas, Mississippi, Florida, Hawaii, and elsewhere. Our Louisiana admiralty trial lawyers have represented the families of workers on numerous ships lost at sea, and our reputation in the international maritime community led to our Louisiana law firm being retained to represent the families of five Turkish naval officers who were killed, and the remaining Turkish naval officers who were seriously injured, when the U.S.S. Saratoga accidentally launched two live Sea-Sparrow missiles that struck the TCG Muavenet during naval exercises in the Aegean Sea.

Whether you or a loved one was seriously injured or killed on a spud barge, a movable rig, a cargo vessel, or by the maritime unseaworthiness of a vessel or the maritime negligence of its crew, contact the experienced Baton Rouge, Louisiana offshore injury lawyers at Dué Guidry Piedrahita Andrews Courrege L.C. to schedule a FREE CONSULTATION.

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