Industrial Accidents

industrial plant accidents

The concentration of chemical and petrochemical industry in the Mississippi River corridor in south Louisiana has led some to call it “America’s Ruhr Valley.” That industrial concentration, and the facility of transportation, also supports numerous smaller industrial fabrication, engineering and support industries.

But when accidents happen at these facilities, the results can be devastating. Our experienced Louisiana industrial accident attorneys have achieved recovery of tens of millions of dollars for clients in industrial accident cases that resulted in death, severe burns (in one case over ninety percent of the worker’s body), paraplegia, and traumatic amputations or total loss of use of limbs. But even less catastrophic injuries can result in serious consequences for a worker and his family, by impairing or eliminating the ability to make a living. In such cases, when a family’s lives are on the line against the world’s industrial giants, it is important to have legal representation with the know-how and resources to assert your claims diligently.

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